Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hey Listen To This

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus Day Weekend

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Almost All of the Autumn 2012 Antifolk Festival

NotKathy a/k/a Kathleen King Has Posted Video of nearly all of the Autumn 2012 Antifolk Festival in New York. Mechanical difficulties prevented several of the first night acts from making the playlist. Anybody have videos of those? In the meantime these videos are fairly remarkable. They give some sense of what went down this past week. Those who were there know that the two dimensions of video can't fully capture the intensity of the those  five days which left most everyday attendees charred, but some come close. Some  of these performances really are worth viewing. Historic moments have been preserved. The Finale of Yossarian Feedback leads the way. The Crazy and Brains video may be marred by the volume peaking out the mike on the camera but it still has the feel of some rare punk footage, which it is.Or just sit back and relax and listen to Ray Brown. That set just made my day again. I'll let you all judge the rest. Please leave comments.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Emperor "Purple Rain" Is Revealed to Have Had No Clothes Until Covered by Ray Brown

Seriously, I know Prince means a lot to people, but my only exposure to him has been what I heard on the radio all those years ago, and I found it singularly uninteresting although possibly cute and fun. The top 40 stuff always revealed kind of sort of all right (maybe) lyrics. Here Ray Brown actually shows that "Purple Rain", had it been by an unsigned unknown, singing at an open mike might get as good a round of applause as any pretty decent song. I doubt however that it, as song, would get the gig. Although who knows. Mr. Krieger after all has been known to favor Prince. Luckily for Prince, it is Ray Brown covering the song. That gives it some cachet. Brown does for "Purple Rain" something akin to what Richard Thompson did for "Oops I Did It Again"

As I said, my exposure to Prince is limited. From a songwriting perspective what I have been exposed to (on the radio over the years) does not, in my estimation come anywhere close to this or indeed most any other song by Ray Brown:

Friday, August 17, 2012



Inside Stage

2:30  Thomas Patrick Maguire
3:20  The Johns
4:10  Patrick Elkins
5:00  Dan and Rachel
5:50  Brook Pridemore
6:40  Zombie Jesus/Team Ghost Dad
7:30  Spider Style feat. Kid Bleng Bleng
8:30  Kung Fu Crimewave
9:30  The Purple Organ
10:30 PENTA?
11:30 Berth Control
12:30 Crabs On Banjo

Outside Stage

2:45   Toby Goodshank
3:15   Preston Spurlock
4:00   Casey Holford
4:45   Liv Carrow
5:30   Matt Frye
6:15   Debe Dalton
7:00   Pieface
7:45   Prewar Yardsale
8:30   Deacon Bishop Revival
9:15   Erin Regan
10:00 Matthew Varvil
10:45 Justin Remer