Friday, June 11, 2010

Interesting Questions being Debated On The O.J. Board

The institution of the Anti-Idol contest by Lach at the Tuesday Night Antihoot at Webster Hall has provoked some interesting debate, veering into ad hominem arguments at time. The thread is here:

It is apparently also exposing some long simmering tensions and resentments between some folk on the scene. Personally what interests me is how offering a $100 prize etc. etc. at a place like Webster Hall can actually elicit negative criticism It has, which means that my view of the world is clearly not shared by everyone.

The other thread that I haven't even got close to analyzing is this:

I suspect but will not yet assert that there is a common theme underlying some of the posts on both these threads.

I will hopefully be able to get some time next week and put the information from these threads into J.J. Hayes's Amazing Antifolk Explicator and Philosophic Analyzer and see what happens.

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