Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Forget About The Truth. . .

Ross Douthat wrote a piece   It had this statement in it:

But as religious conservatives have climbed the educational ladder, American churches seem to be having trouble reaching the people left behind. This is bad news for both Christianity and the country. The reinforcing bonds of strong families and strong religious communities have been crucial to working-class prosperity in America. Yet today, no religious body seems equipped to play the kind of stabilizing role in the lives of the “moderately educated middle” (let alone among high school dropouts) that the early-20th-century Catholic Church played among the ethnic working class.

You see it really doesn't matter if any of these religions are true as long as they serve certain social purposes. But without addressing the underlying truth or falsity of a given claim is to abandon the notion of goodness altogether. How can it be good to be held together and prosper under something untrue? I'm not saying any particular religion is untrue, although I think there is a possibility that least some of them might be untrue.

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