Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Battle For the Nature Of the Truth

A few years back I heard a performer say something like "When I was young I thought the truth was black and white, but now I realize that there are shades of grey...." Indeed I am sure someone has put such sentiments in a song or two along the way.  It occurred to me at the time however that a preferable development would be learning that that truth is not black and white but rather a rainbow... I have repeated this occasionally but not long ago I stumbled upon this wonderful embodiment of this notion:

They are available from Fourvierehill.

Of course we think of the battle as between black and white (or maybe red and white) but the color vs. grey scale thing is brilliant. I note that  one of the bishops of the color side spends its days traversing only the same monochromatic grey scale squares, while one of the grey scale bishops spends its days on squares of varying color.


  1. How curious! This set seems like an apt metaphor for someone who might be a psychopathic/sociopathic liar and deceiver. I could see where someone who has lived his entire adult life lying by ommission and deceit (mind-boggling injurious deceit, causing physical and mental harm to innocent people)would find comfort in such a metaphor. I mean, things are clearly not what they would seem at first glance, are they? The truth being neither black and white nor shades of gray, but multiple colors seems like it would neatly fit a fluid, fuzzy, and off-balance definition of the truth, ideally suited to one with no conscience and a master at obfuscation. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Man, look at all the colors. Far out Man. I think I'm tripping just like Anonymous.