Monday, September 13, 2010


As I was attempting to locate places to send The Everybody Knows so as to assist in the spreading of that particular good thing, I came across this blog entry about covers albums.  There are some interesting things said in that debate, But it occurred to me that on this very scene we have a decent tradition of covers with at least two covers albums out there worth the noting and the listening. There is Brook Pridemore Sings Antifolk's Greatest Hits, of course.  There is also Neil Kelly's "Club Mate Sings the Songs Of Thomas Patrick Maguire"   which I can't find and I wish I owned. 

The aforesaid  The Everybody Knows could probably put together a decent covers album. It would include the following:  1) Eric Wolfson's Lighthouse 2) Hank William's Angel of Death 3) The Beat Happening's Indian Summer 4) I am told there is a tape of Dan Penta doing Dylan's "I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine" 5) Adam Green's Mozarella Swastika. 6) David Herman Dune number which I have heard The Everybody Knows a/k/a Dan Penta do but can't remember the title of it. 

Also floating out there are John Houx's cover of Debe Dalton's "Sidestep the End of the Day." and Mike Baglivi a/k/a Heroes of the Open End doing Debe's "Normal." Then there is Dan Costello covering "John Houx's Apple on a Talble Green." We should mention Rav Shmuel's "I Want to Be Sedated/Hey Jude" cover. 

As for folk covering The Everybody Knows There is at least one recorded cover out there of a Dan Penta tune:  Ziploc Torso by Kristen Gass. And Stacy Rock does an amazing version of "Death is A Charm." Years ago I heard someone do "Protest Finger" but I can't remember who. 

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