Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Good Night

Actually it was a good night. I set off for the Monday Night Exodus, but peeked into the Rockwood Music Hall on the way there. What to my wondering eyes should appear but Bucky Hayes. Bucky had spent some time I recall at the Monday Night Open Stage at the Sidewalk, or perhaps even the Antihoot.So I stepped in caught the last half of his set. Band good. Songs good.  So I was a little late to the Exodus but got there in time to hear Gina Mobilio do some old but good poems. I heard Blueberry Season from the other room. He sounded stronger than usual. I think the unplugged room is good for Mr. Season.  Master Lee made a most interesting point about the power of the spoken word"If I am dancing and say a single word like "Rice" then all of a sudden I'm picking rice." Lach read a new chapter of his work in progress, re: the rock and roll nation. I am not sure whether I am a citizen or an exile...The feature was Jaymay who recently did the music for Happythankyoumoreplease. In one of her songs she praises Dave Deporis.  I left the Exodus half way through Jaymay's set so as to catch Charles Mansfield's set at Goodbye Blue Monday, which was so totally worth the late trip to Bushwick. Mr. Mansfield  really nailed it. Home before midnight.

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