Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hank and Pigeon Reunion

Morgan Herringer has returned to our environs after some time in Texas.  This is good news for us. It also resulted in the reunion of  Hank and Pigeon in which if memory serves correctly Ms. H is Hank and Alex P. is Pigeon. They played at the Cake Shop tonight. I saw them.There were magical moments as when Isaac Gillespie was lying on the floor trying to get a great camera angle as Morgan sang. The song was beautiful. The moment was unique all in that dark Cake Shop with the tinsel backdrop and well this precise arrangement has never as far as I can tell been achieved in the 15 Billion or so years the universe has apparently existed. Hank and Pigeon grew into this particular performance, perhaps a little rusty at first but by the time they finished with their signature tune it had grown all peacefulbeautifulentrancinglike.  By the end of the set I was at peace with the world and maybe even myself. This is a rare achievement for which I thank H & P. Alas I had to bail early and could not stay to hear Isaac Gillespie and The Due Diligence. They are playing at Silent Barn next week

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