Saturday, August 28, 2010

OJ Through the Decade

In honor of Olive Juice Music's new design I thought I'd post some of the older home pages.

Here's O.J.'s homepage on August 19, 2000:

 Somewhere between February 3, 2001 and February 17, 2001 the olive gets moved to the center of the screen:

Then Somewhere between March 2, 2001 and March 31, 2001 everything BUT the Olive disappears:

But if you clicked on that lone olive you would get something like this (note that missing from this snapshot is the "Welcome Banner" across the top and a counter at the bottom, also where it says "Art" is because the snapshot was taken in the middle of the moving rendition of a sort of an oscilloscope-type waveform that would spell out "Artists" on each pass.):

Lo and hehold at some point I know not when in late 2001, if you clicked on that little olive you would find this:

Yes indeed the OJ Board had arrived!  I can't tell exactly when this happened but here is the earliest image I can find of the board. It is from April 14, 2002, but note that there are threads that started back in July 12 of 2001 (entitled : "Dolphin Sex") started by Major Matt .

That Lone Olive remained until 2005 when suddenly there appears:

This then seems to be  the first appearance of that format of the green wallpaper and when you clicked on the picture the main page was this (the design I remember when I first came on the scene):

Then we get this wonderful group photo somewhere in early 2005 (this snapshot is from April 6, 2005):

Then somewhere between February and April 26, 2006 this classic greets the visitor to OJ:

Then somewhere in early 2007 the links to what in the website are finally moved to homepage:

Wait here's a frightening greeting (snapshot from June 25, 2007) to the random visitor (who is that?):

This photo was replaced by the classic Herb Scher photo of Major Matt:

Finally this past week we were greeted with the all new:

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