Thursday, August 5, 2010

Well I Got Some Healing and Meaning

Dan Mo (is he related to Keb-- I dunno) in addition to briefly playing a handheld homemade theremin which buzzed more that giving that typical theremin sound, sings these songs which gave me the sense and realization that good songs come from a complete combination of strange views of the world, word-play both expressing and causing said strange views of the world, reportage of a living with view of the world inherited from other songwriters and a host of other things. Basically on a couple of songs it occurred to me that the scenes Dan was desribing were just there against a backdrop of odd prior possibility at the ontological heart of the world and how odd is that.

Charles Mansfield, what can I say? I come away from listening to Charles, walking home it occurs to me that I want to write an angry song against materialists in which I describe the nightmare of their worldview, and I am laying out the nightmare in such great fashion in my head until I realize that I am doing Charles Mansfield melodies and chord changes and even similar verbal structure. Still the moment was cathartic and made me realize that the at least for us the remedy from the materialist nightmare is the ability to sing our pain.

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