Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sometimes It Angers Me

that language can be used so lazily, that the news program I am listening to just wants to deal in lazy concepts. It was announced that there would be an interview "that few ever thought would happen"-- Now I would normally be afraid to comment on such a lame statement, for fear of being considered the pedant. But dudes, this is ridiculous. Who are the few who even thought about it? Did the vast majority of the world state aloud or in writing that they didn't think there would be an interview of this person? A person is given the opportunity to be heard by hundreds of thousands on the evening news and they actually insult the intelligence of the viewers-- either they are wasting words or assuming that people will just accept the vague and shallow as the norm. It is just so disheartening. I thought to blog about this, then I forgot about it, but then I was reminded of it by this posting by Erin Regan on the O.J. Board:

"I'm not overly concerned with today's youth. they will find their path, just as we all have. the good ones will float to the top. what bothers me is the blatant laziness in lyrical formation. it's always existed but I've never been aware of it on such a mainstream level. it's like they don't even try and are totally proud of it. that's what's truly terrifying. "

By the way for an example of amazing non laziness in lyric formation you should take a listen to Building Jumper by this same Erin Regan. Then if you are interested you might want to check this piece I wrote about the song.

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