Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Arc of My Night 1/27/2012

Stephen Stavola at the Sidewalk

1.  Let It Come To You
2.  Virginia
3.  Let Her Go
4.  Brothers
5   About The Broken Window
6.  Someday, Someday
7.  You Were My Only One
8.  Heal My Broken Sky
9,  She Loves Jesus
10. Within

Lenny Molotov And The Fascinators at the Sidewalk 

1.     I Cover The Waterfront
2,     I've Got The World on a String
3.     Prelude to a Kiss
4.     Pennies From Heaven
5.     Old Devil Moon
6.     Profoundly Blue
7.     Stardust
8.     Undecided
9.     If I Could Be With You
10.   Mood Indigo

Matthew Silver The Great Performer At Tribes
 These are the sections of Matthew's Routine. Titles are mine. I don't even know if Matthew Silver does Titles
1.    Douchehead
2.    Boobyhead
3.    Dickhead
4.    Baby Named Love without the G
5.    Focus (Fart in My Face)

Rayvon Browne At Tribes 

1.   [Good Girl]?-- I'm unsure, someone help me out.
2.   Ghost of Rick Danko
3.   Fuck You Tony
4.   Keep on Smiling
5.   I Love You So Much It Hurts
6.   Saga of Jenny
7.   Am I A Cocktease
8    The Only Thing You Like About My Personality
9.   I Need A Boyfriend
10. Yawn, Yawn, Yawn
11.  Sun-trap

Jim Flynn at Tribes

1. A Short Newt Gingrich Moonbase Rap
2. Lower East Side
3. Summertime Love
4. a short blues referencing psychiatry, not even sure if it was the whole song
5. Take Me Away From New Jersey
6. (Sweet Like) The Juice of the Mango
7  Ol' New Orleans
8. Yuppie Fuck

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