Monday, January 30, 2012

Fox enters the Chicken Coop Seeking Illicit Activity

Many years ago. In the good old days. About the time when, if I recall, which is difficult having been a drunk and liar at the time (and many years after), Madonna and Cindy Lauper were dressed similarly, AND both the Curly Shuffle and Rodney Dangerfield were popular , AND I had occasion to talk down a gun wielding employee, AND  crack was blasting an entire generation and driving down the offering price of street walker sex AND a big question from day to day was whether any given friend you hadn't seen in a while who happened to be a gay male was still alive, AND the only integrated department of the company I worked for (in New York City)  was "coding" as data entry was called,  about that time, I say there seemed to be a division amongst persons of Hispanic ancestry. To put it bluntly it appeared that Puerto Ricans hated Dominicans and vice-versa (exemplified by one young Puerto Rican lady who professed to dislike all Dominicans, except her boyfriend who, of course, was different).

Any way one of the guys I worked with claimed that the reason he, a Puerto Rican, hated Dominicans is that "Dominicans fuck chickens".  I replied that I thought that was absurd.  The gentleman proceeded to take me around to a number of other employees asking the following question: "Isn't it true that Dominicans fuck chickens?" They all said yes.

But all the people he asked were Puerto Rican.

[The following I just now saw on TV, and if I misheard, or have taken it out of context, not having seen the whole segment please correct me]

Likewise I just now was over at my folks and Fox News had a commentator on who stated something very like an accusation historically made against Catholicism except it was about Islam. It was a slander, by which I mean whether true or not, if accepted by people as true would diminish the reputation of Islam. Whether it was true or not I cannot say. Basically it was that Muslims are permitted to lie to infidels (I have heard the same claim made about Orthodox Jews and goyim)  and that therefore there the may swear on the Koran and proceed to lie. The commentator was apparently the author of a book "Why Catholics Are Right".  He stated that this fact about Muslims lying is true:

"Just ask any Christian Arab"

(or words to that effect).

Of course now that I think about it-- it was strange to even bring up the subject. . The story was about a man accused and found guilty of murder. He apparently lied.  Why in any version of reality do we need to go beyond the fact that he was accused of murder (and may have been guilty of murder) to explain why he lied?

But my temper is flaring. Best go back to the laundry and reflect about how to blog about  Phoebe Blue last night at the Sidewalk. Much better for the spirit.  As the song says:


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