Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pulling Back From Facebook

When I compare Facebook to a shopping mall at least two things happen.

One, I am trying to communicate that there is a sort of all-in-one convenience to it. Jon Berger last night compared it to the original AOL. 

Two, I have in mind the actual shopping mall, where all of life is reduced to being a consumer, where material reigns supreme, where human dignity is just gone, where we go because we can, or because we desire or there's nothing else to do and where there are parking lots full of SUVS and fungible grey/silver vehicles and it's what to do between going to work to feed the wealthy and stay out of poverty, and there is a sort of sadness, and a parking lot full of  SUVS and fungible grey/silver vehicles and if 15 Billion years of the universe created this Evolution has a lot to answer for let me tell you. It is all a ball of nihilism. It is utterly Godless  It cannot be reconciled with, or defended from the side of the angels. Devil of Capitalism appears as the Angel of Light and we fall for it every time. 

This is what happens with analogy. This is a lesson in why there are no synonyms and why the circular motion hitherto unknown to the people of this area was destined to take the place of the mudshark in your mythology.   Our minds are led by associations. For after all a person thinking a shopping mall is good thing might find my comparison to Facebook interesting for different reasons. They might have thought I was complimenting Facebook. 

Yeah and posting to frigging Blogger really gets me out of the capitalist mainstream. 

That's it I going back to pen and paper.

The real question is whether to share this on Facebook.

Hey why not? But don't expect me to hang around my whole life in this shopping mall waiting for you to pick something out, I have important things to do when we get home. . .

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