Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is This A Wild Goose Chase?

I don't mean the search for non-cliche titles for blogposts, but the search for truth about the world. I refuse to admit it is not possible for a human being, every human being, to find out the truth about the world. Granted it may never have been done, but it is an inductivist fallacy to assume that because something hasn't been done in the past, that it won't be done in the future. So giving up the search would of course be simply giving up. No need to coat it in words of alleged wisdom about what can be known and what can't. On the other hand all I really want to do is write about and perform music, maybe even just perform music now that I think of it. But something got me hooked on this deep search for the very nature of existence. It really sucks. Who wants to hear about this crap? No one I know...But onward goeth the philosophic analyzer thinking about propensities, probabilities, and possibilities, because that's where this screwy muse seems to lead. If I find the meaning of life, perhaps it will help my music criticism. There's a thought.

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