Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Phase II of the Liars Paradox

Thc crawler reached the post! According to the Google Cache:

"It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Jul 12, 2010 18:47:23 GMT."

What this means I can only guess. There are now two hits, where once there were none and yet neither is a hit on the original posting. Thus thatphrase still gets no hits on google. And the second posting does get a hit, so that is now false, but the first is still true, and if we stick to just the proposition maybe it was always false once the first pick up of those words in that order made it to google. On the other hand it occurs to me that if we limit "this phrase" to the very phrase being written at the time, i.e. it is self referential only in the actual particular use, then I can keep writing the phrase and have it true until the crawler catches it. How this maps on to actual reality I have no idea.

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