Friday, July 2, 2010

Will someone save this stuff

I've been glancing through Major Matt's antifolk memories, I'm looking at some of the threads on O.J. and I keep thinking of something Brook Pridemore said to me about things on this scene being so ephemeral. History is not made by the the victors, history is made by the people who keep the information and happen to put it together in such a fashion that it enters the normal background of discourse.

Reading Major Matt it could easily be the memories of anybody on any scene that later produced I don't know pick an artist Springsteen, The Clash etc. It all just takes on a certain cachet by being written up in appropriate fashion.

This corroborates for me, not that this scene will ever be big, but that there is no intellectually consistent standard that can tell me why writing about Dylan or Leonard Cohen is a better option than writing about Dan Penta or the Phoebe Kreutz.

And yet I keep running up against people unwilling to credit music and song because it has not made the radio or movie soundtracks or whatever. The notion of fame is so ingrained it is crazy.

And yet it is the passing of the great centralized distribution machine known as the recording industry that means that we may begin to lack a common musical reference. After all these artists I love were influenced greatly by that established industry. They may even want to be recognized by it, or benefit from its patronage. Whatever.

I fall into despair once again for this whole damn project.

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