Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Corner of Minkowski Space-Time Rendered Particularly Important 1/31/2012

Rachel Laitman for the Drawing In; Rayvon Browne for the Lifting Up; Dewey and the Decimals for the Bringing Back; and Charles Mansfield for the Final Recognition of the Human Heart.

RACHEL LAITMAN at culturefix

1. Poison Apple Friend
2. Birds and Bees
3. Keepsake (State Radio Cover)w/Aly Young
4. The Worst of Me w/Aly Young
5. Possibilities
6. Yellow Bird
7. I'm So Grateful
8. Aly Young sang her "Folk Song For A Goodbye"
w/ Rachel on harmony
9. Vista
10. "I pull back through my eyes..."

RAYVON BROWNE at culturefix

1. Ghost of Rick Danko
2. On the Street Where You Live
3. Blackout
4. Liberties
5. The Proof Is In The Pudding
6. Cat on Chest
7. I Need A Boyfriend
8. Having A Love
9. Having A Boyfriend
10. Keep On Smiling
11. Sun-trap


[I apologize as except for the first and last song I don't know most of the titles. I give lines from the songs. If you can identify the titles for me, let me know and I will correct this entry]

1. Orchids
2. "I'm electrified"(?)
3.  ". . .when you are dead
4.  "I give you all my happiness..."
5. "Take me back to the river..."
6. "The water sustains me without even trying..."
7. "Where were you really, when you were by my side?"
8.  "I'm not gonna break any hearts no more"
9.   Blue Raincoat


1)   Poetry Song
2)   Snow
3)   Never Loved That Dog
4)   Rome, NY
5)   God's Eyes
6)   We Can't Be Friends
7)   All The Way

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