Sunday, February 26, 2012

This Night Went Fourth

Dewey and the Decimals

1. Red-tailed Fox
2. Orchids
3. "I give you all my happiness. . ."
4. Shakes
5. Progenitors
6. You're A Mystery
7. House Guest
8. Blue Raincoat

Jon B. Roche

1. Bottom To Thee Bottle
2. Go Love
3. Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms
4. Small Life
5. Good Hearted Woman
6. Dr. Dragatsky
7. You've Been On My Mind
8. Getting Used To It
9. Crawdad Song
10. How Much Do I Owe
11. D-R-U-N-K

(Dubbed Chagano by Mr. Krieger)

1. "Snow falling slightly" (CM)
2.  Woman in White (BP)
3. Inside Your Head (CM)
4. The World Was Not Enough (CM)
5 Robots Are Controlling (BP)

6. Pray To Make It Okay (CM)
7. Reality (BP)
8. I'm A Hipster (BP)
9. Ghosts (CM)
10. Farewell (BP)
11. Monday Morning (CM)
12. Bugs & Flowers (J.Lewis)
13. It's My First Day of School (BP)

Bernard King Presents:
1. "Dear Ben 2 Ducks. . ." read by the Bee Keeper
2.  Shelter 2005 by Elizabeth Watson read by Morgan Heringer
3. "I love you. . ." read by Brian Fitzsousa and 2 unnamed companions
4.  Poem by Denise Levertov read by Nate Dyer
5. "tears of sympathy. . ." read by the Bee Keeper
6. Poem for the Half Light read by Ben Pagano
7. Flaxen Haired Girl read by the Bee Keeper
8. How Can My Pen Cease To Write read by Timmy Rut
9. Alexa read by Brent Cole and Cat Rockefeller
9. "copper etchings..." read by the Bee Keeper
10. Catholics on Ash Wednesday by Jen Kaplan read by Jen Kaplan
11. Ash Wednesday by Nerissa Nields read by Elizabeth Watson
12. Shrove Tuesday by Marguerite Maria Rivas read by Sarah Turk
13. "all is new..." read by the Bee Keeper
14. Our Savior Lutheran Church Spring Fair read by J.J. Hayes
15. "It was inevitable..." read by Matthew Silver

ROB SHAPIRO talked about Narcissistic Assholes that roam our streets and Recovery and stuff like that; and finished with his  Drunk song with Brer Brian on piano.
JEN KAPLAN talked about having 10 magnum size condoms and having had sex 4 times and stuff like that


1. Go Love
2. Cast my Fate To the Wind
3. Minty
4. Mask
5. Goodhearted Woman
6. Vote Allan For Prom King
7. Sun-Trap
8. How Much Do I Owe
9 .Monster Ballad
10.  Go Love


1. Backwoods Nation
2. Telephone Wires
3. Banned In Brooklyn
4. Man-made of Objects
5. No Quitters
6. Girls From The City
7.Corrupted DNA
8. Lower Middle Class Anthem
9. Vegetarians Are Bland
10. Hearts Beat

Deep Sound Diver

1. Brian Epstein
2. "what goes up must come down..."
3. Walkin'
4. Tennessee July
5. "You're blue shirt is a red flag. . ."
6. "wish you'd come and see me..."
7. "blackout baby. . ."
8. "product of a year long bender. . ."
9. Little Bells
10. "Babylon is scramble-on. . ."      

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