Saturday, February 4, 2012

Goodbye Blue Monday Late Upon A Friday 2/3/12. . .

On September 12, 2011 I was in the audience at the Sidewalk Open Stage and suddenly this happened:

But that was then is now is now and yesterday was now at GBM and this same man did a full set. "Who is he," you ask?  "Yes," I ask in return.

And then the next day followed and suddenly it was today by a certain arbitrary secular calendar and...

RAYVON BROWNE at Goodbye Blue Monday

1.  Sun-trap
2.  The Street Where You Live
3.  Fuck You Tony
4.  Going Into Town Song
5.  Ghost of Rick Danko
6.  The Longest Time
7.  The Proof's In the Pudding
8.  Cat on Chest
9.   I Need A Boyfriend
10. Having a Love
11. Having A Boyfriend
12. Keep On Smiling

I have never heard harmonies like Rayvon Browne's harmonies.

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