Saturday, February 18, 2012

Did the Times and News get it all Wrong? What REALLY went on at the Vatican?

Here is a picture from the New York Times website:

This is from the Daily New website:

The caption on the News photo is:

"New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan received his red hat from Pope Benedict inside Saint Peter's."

The Times described the scene this way:

"Benedict received the cardinals-designate from his throne under a soaring dome designed by Michelangelo, as one by one they knelt before the 84-year-old pope and received the red silk square-ridged hats, called birettas, that signify princes of the church."


The hats in those pictures look mighty orange to me.  Am I wrong about this. Is my eyesight going? I found this image from NY1:

And this AP photo:

That is Red. 

So what really went on in the Vatican? Clearly photos can disagree about the true color scheme of the events. This is important. How am I to visualize? Do I take the words "red hat" or  "red silk" literally or figuratively? 

They say Timothy Dolan received his red hat at the Vatican today. Can we really believe that? If so what are the Times and the Daily News up to?

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