Monday, February 27, 2012

Final Night of the Festival: Missing the Oscars And Not Even Realizing It

2012 Winter Antifolk Festival at Sidewalk Cafe
Fifth and Final Night
Sunday February 26, 2012

It was A Blackout Night. Candlelight with No Amplification.

Opening Sing-A-Long Led By Level 2:  The Star Spangled Banner. (Lyrics by Francis Scott Key Music said to be an old drinking song entitled Anacreon In Heaven.)

Beau Alessi

1. Hypercollider
2. Three Day Weekend
3. Trudy Is Not A Punk
4. Architeuthis
5  Baby Boomer Auto-Fellation Party
6. Pseudoephedrine
7. Wendy
8. Flavor Country

Blueberry Season

1. would write
2. you are one for me
3. head to toe. covered in snow
4  love is a complex being
5. dreamfucker
6. blending disrepair
7  i can't save you from the rain
8. unrepentant demise
9. grumble grumble grumble
10. shelling


1. International Esther
2. Polly Loved Me I Know
3. For My Sake
4. "I didn't bargain on it being so hard..."
5. Valentine
6. You're Not Your Money (w/ Anders Griffen on drums)
7. With Uncle Pappy Theme
8.  Uncle Pappy's Learning Blues
9. Bringing It Home

Anders Griffen- Interlude

Osei Essed

1. Wild Dakota
2. I'm The One
3. Narrow Ease (w/ Anders Griffen on drums)
4. Wants Some
5. Saints Romantic
6. Saint Augustine
7. Shelter Me
8. How Am I Doing, Ma?

Anders Griffen- Interlude

Myron The Magnificent and the Lovely Vera

1. Salt
2. Non-Flaming Rope Vivisection
3. Memories of Meeting
4. Souls of Thousands of Silkworms
5. Telekinesis
6. Thought Transference
7. What's wrong with Stuey The Stupendous
8. Floating Knish

Anders Griffen - Interlude

Larkin Grimm

1.  Pool Of Milk
2. How To Catch A Lizard
3. Dominican Rum
4. The Road Is Paved With Leaves
5. Pool Of Tears
6. Without A Body Or A Numb And Useless Mind
7. Be A Great Burglar

Turner Cody
1. Memories of You
2. Beautiful Day
3. The Score
4. Know How I Feel About You
5. Everyone and No One
6. Ounce of Gold
7. Get Back On The Train

Chink Floyd
Master Lee on Reality; Jonathan on Piano

Mr. Patrick
Stories of the Dead and the Living

Level 2 led the Final Singalong
1. Stand By Me
2. Margaritaville
3. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, his name is my name too. Whenever we go out the people always shout "There goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt." Da da da dadada.
4. Down By The Riverside
5. Lean On Me
6. One Bottle Pop
7. You Are My Sunshine
8. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
9. Free Falling
10. Row Row Row Your Boat
11. Don't Let Me Down
12. This Land is Your Land



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  1. Oh Man, I wish I had stayed for Level 2! Dream Set