Sunday, February 12, 2012

It Is Never Too Late To Miss the Grammys Today/Missing Rayvon Browne Yesterday

Unless you've already seen them. But in the event you haven't and it is still relatively early you should go to Goodbye Blue Monday at 10:00 P.M. for there is a sick lineup for the Catweazle 'Zine Release Party including Rayvon Browne, St. Lenox, and Dave Deporis.  Go now! All of these acts are worth. Go I tell you. Brave the cold; forsake the TV.  Wish those LA people well with their scene but really, and no disrespect, if you can see a bill with those 3 acts on it, all of a sudden  being part of the greater culture starts to fade in importance. If you don't believe me. Experiment  and GO!

In the meantime although I did not witness it first hand I have it on some good authority what the setlist was:

RAYVON BROWNE at Tea Lounge 2/11/2012:

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