Friday, February 3, 2012

I Can't Even Think of A Title to Do This Justice-- 2/2/12

Traveling between two poles of this scene on foot, I leave Catweazle at the intermission. Things were heating up as Cal Folger Day had just done the only version of Billy Joel's "The Longest Time"  ever worth listening to. (It's too bad you missed it.) Brer Brian picks up a guitar during intermission and begins playing "We Didn't Start The Fire." Ray Brown informs me that he will have to fight his way past Brer to get to his own instrument to tune up. I depart and hoof it across the East River upon the self same Bridge whereon Cockroach was once blunted.

Liv Carrow was playing and that link is to a description posted by Major Matt in September 2009 which Carrow has rendered obsolete by virtue of her relative isolation in Hudson. Her guitar skills no longer mediocre, and her songs most definitely no longer  "like the little animals that 4-year-olds make out of play-doh".  I love those songs, but Liv Carrow has transformed herself into a player of songs which  either announces:

1)  We will be watching the Country Music Awards in a couple of years and saying things like "I knew her when her songs were like the little animals that 4 years olds make out of play-doh,"


2)   That there is something weird and deep and dark and beautiful brewing in the Hudson Valley and the souls or ghosts  of the people therein,


Liv Carrow says she is basically a side project of herself now that she is concentrating on her band. Pocatello which band is playing  next Friday at Union Hall with the Debutante Hour and Emily Einhorn.  

LIV CARROW at Sidewalk

[Once again most titles are speculative- corrections welcome]

1. "If all you young men..."
2.  Nothing Nice To Say
3    I Can't Remember Anything I Said ( But I Remember That I Meant It)
4.  Tumbleweed
5    Sweater
6    Watership Down song:  "There's nowhere to run when you run from everyone"
7.   "If you go digging near the mines..."
8.   "When the trees are ripe..."
9.   Thin line.

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